OPERATOR: Matoi, Mamatoi

Race: Lalafell
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Nameday: 11th Sun of 3rd Umbral Moon
Relationship/Marital Status: Married: Kodosu Tomodosu
Combat Experience: 9 Years, Carteneau Survivor
Physical Status: Normal
Mental Status: Recovered, Lapse in Awareness
Primary Skillset: Research and Development
Secondary Skillset: Arcanum Based Offensive and Support Unit
Guild Classification: Advanced Arcanist

Mamatoi Matoi, Enlisted Immortal Flames Soldier, Graduated from most, if not all, Magic-based Schools on the Aldenard Penninsula. Mastery of Arcana, Skilled in Thaumaturgy and Conjury, Astromancy Proficient, Matoi is classified as a Magi in ||||||||||| Records.

Medical Report 30423
"Due to severe brain injury, Matoi lacks the ability to understand or separate the ideas of fiction and reality, believe her mind to fully attempt to realize near impossible actions. If such event were to happen, she would seize up and fall catatonic... Yet, despite this, the woman does show emotion, albeit, weak, and can understand the concept fo humor... but she is less of a person then she was back before the Calamity. Almost like a Mammet or Allag Machine.

--End of Log Entry--

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